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Via Roma 60

Via Roma 60 is a qualified and successful company born from a division of young companies, specialized in the production of home textile items. Via Roma 60 produces and distributes home furnishing textiles nationally and abroad; takes care of every little detail in the most accurate and meticulous way possible, referring to a medium-high audience, offering elegant linen items, characterized by modernity and impeccable quality. Via Roma 60's mission is to furnish the most varied environments with classy taste and research into the inimitable, increasing the vast and assorted range of brightly colored fabrics, from the chrome plating of refined yarns to which an indistinguishable manufacturing process is applied. At the base of the brand there is romance, harmony, well-being and continuous search for quality. And it is precisely thanks to its origins that Via Roma 60 owes its name to the address of the Carillo family's first home linen and fabric shop in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, their town of origin. Via Roma 60 is designed for those who love living at home, innovating from time to time the image of their private environment, cheerfully experimenting, in terms of home furnishings, with the latest trends and, at the same time, for those who do not want to give up their little ones everyday luxuries where details reign supreme. Classic, modern, rustic or shabby, this fantastic brand takes on any type of genre, giving each of its products that additional characteristic capable of not conforming to the competition. Whether it's a curtain or a sofa cover, animate your furniture by transforming it into what you really are. Its goal: to fully exploit the concept of elegance by interpreting and adapting it in the most innovative way possible, reaching straight to the hearts of all its customers. Browse the selection prepared by Ruocco Home especially for you and choose the item that's right for you, to make your furnishings original or elegant. Don't forget that we are always at your disposal for any doubts or questions about the Via Roma 60 brand, don't hesitate to ask our staff by calling or contacting us in chat!

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