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Sofa covers and armchair covers

Scudo sofa covers and armchair covers are very useful accessories in many homes and many furnishings, as they prevent damage such as scratches and stains to our precious sofas and armchairs. Purchasing a Scudo sofa cover or an armchair cover may be a must or at least useful if you have four-legged companions at home who love to sleep and jump on the sofa; precisely in this case our friends' nails can cause unpleasant damage to the furniture; thanks to the Scudo sofa covers this will never happen again.

Sofas and armchairs are the distinctive furnishing element of a living room, it is here that most of the relaxing moments spent at home are spent, the sofa and the living room are in fact considered by everyone to be a place in which to spend time blissfully, in the company of a good book or in front of the TV. Precisely because we spend a lot of time on them, the sofa and armchairs must be protected from wear and tear by using sofa and armchair covers. Ruocco Home offers online sales of sofa and armchair covers suitable for everyone, of extreme quality and available in different colors and sizes, so as to easily adapt to every sofa and the style of every living room.

Scudo sofa covers are perfect for protecting sofas without compromising their design: in fact, they only cover the backrest, armrests and seat, therefore the parts most subject to wear, and are very fine and unobtrusive. 3 seater sofa cover, 4 seater sofa cover, custom size sofa cover and armchair cover , made with excellent fabrics and available in different colours, on Ruocco Home you will find what you want, just choose and buy.

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